We've all seen Back to the Future so we know you can't mess with past events and then expext the same future results.  Turning a 1 point lead into a tie game because of a call that was missed 1 minute earlier is for 6 year olds. I've always hated this rule and the Rondo shot last night drives home exactly why.  We're talking about a 1 point game in OT of the ECF, how can a self respecting league just change the score?  Wade's forearm and Rondo's face prove it isn't because the NBA is obsessed with getting calls right.  The rule is embarrassing.

If you want to check if a guy has his foot on the line making a shot a 3 or 2 then do it right away.  It is ridiculous that the NBA is fine with just changing the score of a game in OT because of a call that was missed a half dozen possessions earlier.  It changes the entire complexion of the game and how the game would have been played.