Report: Rajon Rondo Cleared to Practice!

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    Report: Rajon Rondo Cleared to Practice!

    Report: Rajon Rondo Cleared to Practice Waiting on a Return Yahoo Contributor Network  By Mark Evans5 hours ago    

    COMMENTARY | Rajon Rondo's season-ending injury was the first domino to fall for the Boston Celtics last year. 

    The team lost in the first round of the playoffs, and then lost the likes of Doc Rivers, Kevin GarnettPaul Pierce, and Jason Terry during the offseason.

    Rondo has yet to return from the ACL injury, and the rebuilding Celtics are hanging around without him. Boston is somehow competing for the top spot in the Atlantic Division while the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets struggle mightily. It's still early, but the Atlantic is clearly a mess.

    Although a Rondo return is probably not imminent, there is now some good news regarding his recovery. According to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe, who cites a league source, Rondo has been cleared to return to practice whenever he feels ready.

    There's no need to rush Rondo back to action, but it's great to hear that he's doing well. His health should be a priority for Boston, as Danny Ainge has insisted that Rondo is the franchise's building block going forward. Regardless of whether Ainge is telling the truth, a 100% Rondo is in everybody's best interest, even if a trade is the ultimate outcome.

    In Rondo's absence, the Celtics have gotten quality basketball out of Jordan Crawford. Despite his reputation as a scoring shooting guard, Crawford has grown immensely as a player and has filled in admirably at point guard.

    There was little doubt, but this appears to strengthen the belief that Rondo intends to play at some point this season. It will be interesting to see what this team looks like when he returns, particularly if the Atlantic Division continues to struggle.

    It's a scary thought, but, with the way things are going, the Celtics could actually win the Atlantic Division with a healthy Rondo.


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    Re: Report: Rajon Rondo Cleared to Practice!

    We could win the division, if we wanted to.

    I'm just not sure we want to.

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    Re: Report: Rajon Rondo Cleared to Practice!

    Rondo coached by Stevens will be a much better player.  Rondo will return to playing defense and the strain to get the ball to Kevin and Paul will be gone.  We are a better balanced team with Stevens as the coach and this will help Rondo.  Rondo will also be a double double machine under Stevens that plays defense.  I also see no reason why Rondo will not be effective shooting the ball late in the clock.

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    Re: Report: Rajon Rondo Cleared to Practice!

    I agree I think Rondo will be a better player in many ways when he comes back. I totally agree with the point that Docs' insistance of getting PP and KG so many touches every game as a focal point of the offense and resulted in the ball sticking in Rondos hand while waiting for them to get in position.We have no true # 1 guy and that benefits a PG like Rondo, he'll be much much more effective on drive and dishes and pick and rolls/pops. Despite his critics claims Rondo is a 48.5% fg pct career and 24% 3s but he takes less than 1 a game. His ft% was the highest of his career and I have a feeling it will improve this season and be an adequate ft shooter,maybe Crawford can teach him to  shoot fts.
     DA put this team together with Rondo in mind,we'll still rotate a lot of players but Rondo will be the hub. I see December and maybe even the 1st week or 2 of January being sort of a preseason for Rondo and last 3 months we will see a dramatic improvement in our record and seeding. It's as much a matter of how your team is playing at the end of the season that counts and think many will be suprised how much we pick up steam as we go along this year.

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    Re: Report: Rajon Rondo Cleared to Practice!

    Good news.When Rondo returns we will see the stats of several players improve.I believe that Vitor will be the beneficiary of the return od Rajon.He can score with both hand around the rim and Rondo will feed him there.Go celtics.

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