This is an excerpt from the piece, No Dead Horse Beatin’ Round Here

Jermaine O’Neal missed most of the season and never came back till the playoffs.  Shaq never really did come back after early February. Delonte came back but suffered several injury setbacks and didn’t get comfortable with his role till the second round of the playoffs.  Rondo dislocated his elbow and developed a bad back.  JO’s back began hurting and his wrist was wrapped and giving him constant pain.

Some people point the finger at Danny Ainge and say this is what you can expect from a bunch of older players, but Delonte is not old nor is Rondo nor was Semi, whose development was set back by an injury causing him to miss several weeks. 

Chalk it up to bad luck and maybe to probability. The probability of an older athlete getting injured might be slightly higher than that of a younger one, but I doubt if the difference is significant, and I’d have to see the data to be convinced. 

So for me the Celtics problems this season can be chalked up to bad luck with injuries.