Let's be honest Dalembert and Jordan are out off the radar. Prizbilla is injury prom so Oden. Then the smart move will be Aaron Gray. He's 7'1 270 and very young. I liked the way he played against LA in the play-offs scoring against Gasol and Bynum, so I see some bright future in this kid. Glenn Davis is a question mark when we talk about his weight issues.He did very poorly in last year play-offs and he hasn't been a consistent rebounder in his whole career. It depends on him if he wants to come back and contribute. So Powe is available again if Davis can't do something for him and everybody knows what Powe can bring to the table. Green is a needed sign and a possible starter next year when the big 3 will be dismissed unless we win the championship this year. West knows the system and is a valuable defender with 3pt range. This is my rotation:

Rondo  6'1   West      6'3     Bradley 6'2
Allen    6'5   Moore     6'4
Pierce   6'6   Green     6'9
KG       6'11  Powe      6'8  
Gray     7'1   Johnson  6'10  O'neal 6'11