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Richard Hamilton would intrigue Ainge

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    Re: Richard Hamilton would intrigue Ainge

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    you can answer a lot of questions about rip by looking at how many shots he has to take to generate his points per game.  it's been about 16 shots to make 18 points a game historically.  that's a lot of shots, poor efficiency. then you look at paul pierce, 12.8 shots to make 18 points. so if you can make the rip contract go "poof" you're looking at a guy who needs a lot of shots to produce numbers and then what he produces beyond those numbers is extremely minimal.
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    Aciemvp, you're making an assumption that isn't necessarily true.  You MAY be right about him needing a lot of shots to generate his points.  But, it MAY be that Paul gets efficient shots (as does Ray and KG) because they play in an efficient system in Boston with a Point Guard that gets them the ball in their spots.   If Rip is in a system where he doesn't have to score a lot, just hit shots when he's open and in his spots - he is likely to be very the rest of the Celtics.  We are the highest field goal percentage team in the league not because all of our shooters are better than everyone else......but because our team system gets everyone good shots in their spots (good open shots).   I think Rip would benefit from this.

    As for his D, Rip played on one of the BEST defensive teams in history....the Pistons that won a championship and made it to the conference finals each year.  Under Larry Brown, he HAD to play good D like everyone else (and like the Celtics require).
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    Re: Richard Hamilton would intrigue Ainge

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    In Response to Richard Hamilton would intrigue Ainge : What do I think? What I think is the Cs have a very brief window of opportunity to win championships over the next couple of years. In my opinion, when healthy, they are the absolute best and deepest team in the league and should be the clear favorites to be hoisting a trophy in June. I believe that with Danny's heart issues he will walk away when the BIG 3 go and they will be left as a 25 win team.   Unless of course he can find a way to slide 3 superstars into the salary cap slots of the BIG 3.  Anything short of doing that and he becomes Joe Dumars and I don't think that is how Danny wants to leave his mark on the team. They will continue to get nothing from the draft (regardless of what most posters / bloggers / fans think of Danny's drafting prowess) and when the skills of the BIG 3 inevitably fail Danny will ride off into the sunset as the best GM they have had in the salary cap era.  He will work on his golf game and play with his grandchildren. Pissing away cash on players near the end, while he has done it, will not be his MO going forward.  He will be a good steward with the company money and leave them in as good a position as possible given that they will have pretty much no talent left on the roster. He will leave ownership significantly under the cap and the cycle will start from scratch.
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    What does this post have anything to do with the thread. Also if you look at the NBA the past ten years they are probably more top 10 bust than All Stars. While a lottery pick helps you out, if you look at the Spurs you can build with your first pick being after 25.