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Rivers- We are not in shape?

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    Re: Rivers- We are not in shape?

    If you guys think that the Celts being in better shape, assuming that is the problem, would be doing much better in the standings you're nuts. The Celts have talent, age, and mental (Green, Lee, Bass, to some extent Terry) issues. And injury issues if you count Bradley. 

    That said if Doc is serious about the team being tired (which is basically the same as saying they are out of shape), then that is a serious, serious problem and a serious coaching malfunction on this part not to have those guys ready. It could be he is afraid of wearing Pierce and KG down but he could have found a way to rest them more and work the rest of the guys harder. 

    Doc's biggest coaching failing may be his inability to get Rondo to lock into the defensive scheme....

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    Re: Rivers- We are not in shape?

    The Spurs game made me wanna vomit. The Spurs made the extra pass and we played play lousy defense against their 3 point shooters. They shoot 12-25 and we go 6-16---an 18 point difference right there. As for offensive rebounding, it's still a mystery to me how you're gonna do that when the tallest guy on the team (KG) is 20 feet from the hoop shooting 2 point jumpers. We had 17 turnovers to their 12, which shows careless ball-handling and a lack of hustle. Maybe the officiating was crummy--- that's a given on the road---but come on, 8 free throws! Drive the ball to the hoop and force the refs to make some calls. We certainly didn't do much of that. I guess that with this bunch we're just a .500 team with a crummy bench that's going nowhere. I had hoped that after the loss to LA in the finals a couple of years back they'd blow the team up and get younger. Maybe at that time they could have gotten something for the "big three". Now I'm still waiting for that to happen.

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    Re: Rivers- We are not in shape?

    In response to aciemvp's comment:

    1) not in shape

    2) inadequate hustle

    3) very limited heart

    4) crucial players remain over burdened- kg & rondo

    5) rondo remains a LOUSY 1 on 1 defender

    6) rondo remains a TERRIBLE free throw shooter

    7) rondo remains, in his 7th year in the league, a trick or treat player on offense- every 10th game he'll show up with a purpose on the offensive end and lead the team- an old team that needs all the points it can get and what does it get?  a generally passive rondo on offense

    8) bass regresses dramatically from his performance last year, which was flat out unacceptable re: individual defense, rebounds per minute


    yeah, this is a crisply coached squad with a lineup assembled by a dolt in the front office

    So, do you really feel about the team, the Coach, and the GM?  Is there anyone you like?

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    Re: Rivers- We are not in shape?

    In response to Karllost's comment:

    Worse thing that happened was letting Tibs go... we should have guaranteed him the head coaching job when Docs contract ran out.

    second worse thing ever was letting Tibs go, first worst thing was letting larry bird go and getting into PITINO.

    but you have it nailed- thibs was the wizard of oz.  once he went the team defense system slowly declined, punctuated by danny bringing in a couple of peeps who can't play any defense at all.  the whole rivers 5 yr extension made no sense.  they should have gotten doc out of here a year EARLY just to keep thibodeau.  basically whenever thibs wanted to be head coach, doc should have taken the gate.  actual technical ability with strategy vs. rah rah crapola and a coach who is good only at out of bounds plays and that's it.

    would glen davis have been run out of town if thibs was the coach?  you tell me.  davis was no all leaguer but a valuable player with versatility and a superb team defender who you could tell to go out there and try to do anything and he would TRY his heart out- the type of effort in a green uniform rarely seen since dave cowens. 

    compare that to these bums bass and green who look like they're on thorazine half the time

    davis' window as a productive celtic player could well have been only as long as he had a KG enema to keep him going straight, but the pieces we got that supposedly replace his contribution do not work.  i would rather stick my head in a soiled toilet than watch bass and jason collins play ball

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    Re: Rivers- We are not in shape?

    In response to Kirk6's comment:

    We need to get younger now.


    also: bigger and better, more heart and hustle.  showcase green and blow him out like yesterday's roasted chicken at wal mart.  let him be someone else's prepaid account for effort and ability that has never shown up in a career to date

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    Re: Rivers- We are not in shape?

    In response to OneOnOne's comment:

    How can you coach a professional team and 25% of the way thru the season say your teams not in shape?  Unbelievable.  If I am not mistake he just gave the guys two days off after playing a game.  Against the Spurs he said he liked our pace but couldn't keep it up, but SA could.  

    Who's fault is the above problem?   I don't think half the team knows how many minutes they are going to get a game.  He just now starting to make reference to players not staying in front of their counterparts,  letting them drive right past them?   Hello,  anyone home?   This has been going on every game.  Only difference is we have played better in some games and won anyway.  

    We can't rebound and yet the only guy that can sits the bench for all but 10-15 minutes a game.



    Get used to it because it is only going to get worse. KG is too old to hustle up and down the court for a full season.  Last year's shortened seasoned benifited him.