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Road Games

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    Road Games

    Just heard this.  I knew San Antonio was a good road team but didn't  realize how good.  They have won 31 out of their last 36 road games.  Normally going .500 is very good road record.  Teams usually make their mark during their home games  but SA's record is down right ridiculous.  We are getting ready to go on a 3 game road trip.  I would take 2  and 1 right now.  That would be a bad road trip for the Spurs.   

    I think this upcoming trip should help our team.  I think road trips especially for the C's have in the past sometimes catupulted them.  Maybe its just getting away from home a while and guys bonding a little better.  Hope our defense continues to improve.

    I expect us to go no worse than 2-1 on this trip.  (fingers crossed)

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    Re: Road Games

    Spurs have had their nucleus together for some time now... they just know how to play ball together and Duncan still gives them plenty... a bunch of professionals...

    Thing is, since winning their titles, they've been kncoked off in the playoffs each year without making the finals.... after dominating most of the regular season. 

    Pops is resting the older guys more and more in hopes they will have more in the tank in the post season... I really love watching the Spurs play , a great regular season team but just dont see them winning it all...  When you watch/listen to the geniuses on tv, you never hear the Spurs mentioned as championship contenders, even tho they usually run the table in the regualr season..