i told ya that option ONE would b to get them in bawston with kg, doc and pp. dont beliee the hype! DA has made that very clear. y send doc, pp and kg over there if thats what cp3 wants, if both guys can hop on a plane and come here to boston and we can trade rr for even more chips? its a no-brainer! look at all the stuff the clips will have to do and get rid of to get dh and cp3 together with our big 3 for a LA hookup? it really comes down to atlanta and your BAWSTON celts! doc has been around for draft talk and has seen most of the potential picks first-hand with danny (according to my sources). 

i see alot of rope and dope going on! a lot of misdirection noise! DH wants no part of kobe and the lakers.. period! he's the bosh in this circus, he aint gonna use that card with any credibility. Cp3 wants nothing to do with clips if soft griff returns and esp with another jabro coach. if ur danny, u play along for now, but y r u getting anywhere near this deal when u have to get a new coach, get new pieces in draft choices and have to get stuck with the big jabro in jordan? no way, no how! they would have to give up GRIFF at the minimum (with picks) while taking back another unneeded doc fave in JASON TERRY! a deal like this would require pp to go west as well (perhaps). so u have at the minimum doc, terry and kg for grif and a #1 and #2. grif and rondo would be must-see TV in itself! can put sully in the middle. we dont need bledsoe or jabro jordan. grif or NOTHING...period!

if i'm DA, thats my hard line and i'm sticking to it. i dont see the lakes making a deal with the clips.. period! like saying the yanks and red sox are close to ablockbuster, good luck with that. DH will have to leave $ on the table with a spec that a good coach may walk thru those doors.

y would the celts want to see grif with lakes? doc and kg > jabro jordan. let clips try to sell the fakers on jabro jordan and bledsoe. for the lakes, it would actually b a far better fit than blake and kobe. he could come off the bench to spell gasol or play together with him. bledsoe would b the perfect replacement for d'an (for nash) or could play them together esp with kobe out.

again, odds of any real talks with lake/clip is close to ZERO! likely would b the ATL. once they (dh+cp) get to plan B in ther minds, here comes the celts with all the marbles. at the very least we can have doc, kg, DH and CP3 together. once here, can make a combo of pp, rr and bass all available for salary cap and pragmatic relief. methinks that could get u a ton of draft picks and a filler-standin you want. better offer, better deal! funny, i think there will b a bidding war between BOTH la teams esp for the Rondo! nash becomes the third and closing guard once kobe is back. rr/kobe backcourt would b deadly! or they could play all 3 for some great small ball action. having that buyout ace in hand will serve DA very well. if it comes to it, with no takers, u just buyout pp esp if he requests it or bring him back on a 2 year deal for very small money (with no-trade option).

bottom line folks, the idea of getting all 4 or 5 of these guys to walk thru our doors has to be DA's FIRST priority.. period! y not? y wouldnt it have been brought up? y would doc and kg or CP and DH sneer at that?