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Rondo shot tonight as well as I have ever seen him.  Hit dagger jumps shots over and over again.  I watched his form closely he just seemed so at ease and comfortable.  The rest of his game was just like what we have come to expect from him.   I think Pud and Dudder must be especially thrilled to see the improvement in his shooting game. Let's hope it continues I believe it will for Rondo this was a breakthrough game for him.
Posted by concord27

A fairly typical 6 of 15 against the Hawks - maybe now that the Spurs have lost 6 in a row maybe Rondo's game against the Spurs should be put in its proper perspective....  Rondo had a good game against a very bad defensive team (Tony Parker said before the game that he thought the defense has a long way to go to be compared to any of the good defensive teams they have had in the past).

6 of 15, 1 of 4 from the line and wow he actually attempted a 3 - great game Clang.....