Rondo is hurting..

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    Re: Rondo is hurting..

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    [QUOTE]It seems clear at this point that Arroyo was acquired to offset/cushion the blow of whatever is going on with Rondo.  If his deal is more mental than physical, then Ainge lost two players at the deadline:  Perk and Rondo. To top it off, not sure how much this helps: This does not sound like the words of a man who is convinced he'll be a factor down the stretch. 
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    I'll shoot up? That's not what we want to hear this time of the year...
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    Re: Rondo is hurting..

    In my much younger days as a long distance runner, albeit not a very good one I had plantar fasciitis, and if that is what Rondo has to any degree it's the reason he's not playing well. It's painful as h-ll. A good part of his game is based on quickness and speed, and if he does have PF, it takes away both. I'm not a physician, but remembering what I went through, the only cure was rest along with physical therapy. Hope he recovers soon because without Rondo there won't be a #18 this year.