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Rondo isn't likely to get traded.

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    Rondo isn't likely to get traded.

    This shouldn't be news (since it seems like common sense) but I think it is worth pointing out.

    NBA trade market: No deals imminent, but keep an eye on these names - NBA - Sporting News

    The wave of phone calls the Celtics received in early July about Rondo has passed, and according to league sources, Boston never seriously entertained dealing their flighty point guard. Rumored talks with Detroit were "overblown," a source said, and Rondo does not want out of Boston.

    Not sure what I can add to that other than "GOOD!"

    The report does indicate some more common sense.  Specifically that the Celtics would love to move Gerald WallaceKris Humphries, and/or Brandon Bass.

    Report: C's never serious on Rondo trade | Comcast SportsNet -

    But while the C's may not be looking to trade Rondo, there are some players on the team they certainly would trade. Kris Humphries and Gerald Wallace, both traded to the Celtics in the deal that sent Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to Brooklyn, are players that Deveney says the C's will shop. Humphries won't be too hard to trade, as he's in the final year of his deal. But Wallace still has three years, $30 million remaining on his contract. Brandon Bass is another player Boston would trade in the right deal.



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    Re: Rondo isn't likely to get traded.

    Who cares...if they do, they do...I'm tired of talking about some prima donna who still can't play...he's on a long "PROVE IT" list on this team, at best....we'll see when he comes  back how his mind is, if he's a team player or a Rondo player...HE alone will most likely decide if he's thrown out of town or if he stays...