Rondo speaks

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    Rondo speaks

    Rondo said the team will be ready when the playoffs start, and that is good enough for me.  Paul and KG are already ready and in post playoff mode.  Ray is pouting and playing at 80% but I think he will come around and either shoot us out or in the game depending on what stage we catch his hot and cold water at.  Green gives us another big to help defend and score, West is one of the best reserves and it depends on if Doc turns him loose or plays him with Rondo.  Other bench players are poised to help.  Most everything will depend on the intensity whe big three bring in all parts of their games.  Kristic, JO, Davis and Shack will give us a presence inside.  JO's block on the prince was an indication that the Celts will turn it up a bit.  Shack has great pride and will give us some hard nosed minutes.  Kristic may be the key because he got a lot of time with the starters and did not do that bad when we helped a bit with double teams of good scorers that score inside.   Doc and Rondo have the wheel and will direct us this year, but the real players that make the difference are the big three and on some nights a outsider or two.
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    Re: Rondo speaks

    Truth is we have not lost a game yet.  I predict the Celts in 6 in the first round.  AS far as Bulls and Heat are concerned , when we play them we will take either of them in a seven game series , even if we haft to lay it to them on their own court.  They last two game will ensure that we are ready.  Celts number 18 comming soon.