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Rondo: Stop Puttin on the Breaks

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    Rondo: Stop Puttin on the Breaks

    Why does Rondo put on the breaks after leading the fast break and comes to a halt just over the half court line? Seems to me stopping only helps the defense when he could penetrate deeper and have them on their heels. Push it hard and kick it out or dribble it out...I'm a Rondo fan but at times I question whether he is as good as the other top guards in the league with his play.
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    Re: Rondo: Stop Puttin on the Breaks

    I said this same thing two weeks ago. He's looking around instead of using his speed to get to the basket. He's giving the team time to get back and find a man. I'm not sure what's going on with his game the last two weeks. He was heading towards starting in the AS game and then he just tailed off. He definately doesn't rebound like he was early on.

    I believe he'll pick it up when West returns because he'll know he has too so Doc will keep him on the floor down the stretch.