Rondo + Sully + a real star

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    Re: Rondo + Sully + a real star

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    Pud rudeness was not part of the character Barney.  

    I'm not being rude.

    I'm 68 and gave up believing in short cuts and quick fixes about 40 years ago.  my apology

    That's part of living and learning something along the way..... maturing.


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    Re: Rondo + Sully + a real star

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    I think we revisit the idea of Hayward.


    His stock has dropped. I've been reading the Jazz blogs, and they aren't so high on him and would let him walk, especially if they were to somehow land Jabari.


    But Hayward is a really good player. As productive as Green, but Hayward does not dissapear. He's clearly the best player on his team right now and is therefore double teamed and paid special attention. Lets think back to the days he played with a productive frontcourt (Jefferson and Millsap). I would argue that Sully is as good as Jefferson and Bass 80% of Millsap. As Sully turns into a star, Hayward can be that 2nd option on the wing. It would be perfect.


    Rondo needs smart players around him to be able to maximize his talent. Rondo himself has called Avery a fellow smart player. Sullinger and Olynyk are very smart, BBIQ players. You can tell this because they are productive despite their lack of athleticism. Jeff is just not a smart BBIQ. He is all athleticism. I think Hayward, under Stevens, with Rondo, Bradley, Bass and Sullinger is the right fit.

    This starting 5 above is good enough to make us a 6-8 seed, IMO. The final step, the final piece comes from the unexpected. If we trade Jeff for an expiring and a low pick (lets say the minimum value would be Jeff+Bogans for Okafor and the Blazers pick) we have enough cap space with Hump expiring to put in a decent offer on Hayward and Bradley and net a pick in the process.

    Now Danny drafts smart. Not Marcus Smart, but smart. We have three picks. Lets say two turn out to be productive players. We then play out next season 2014-15 with our core and a bunch of potential guys on the bench. At the trade deadline or end of next year we are looking at our core PLUS 4 young assets, a near expiring in Wallace and 2 2015 1st round picks. This is when you make the next big move based upon our greatest need. Perhaps Sully plays very well at the 5 and we can go get a Serge Ibaka type to play the 4. Maybe Sully is a beast on 4's but needs a shot blocking defensive 5. Maybe we need a couple of role guys off the bench.


    This is how you rebuild!

    good post

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    Re: Rondo + Sully + a real star

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    Horse trading ... that's what Danny does best ... his best successes in the draft have been in the 2nd round. Oly is his best 1st round pick and that's the first time he moved up to get a player. His success from 14-30 hasn't been very good except for Sully dropping due to back trouble. Same thing with Bradley ... a mid-round pick that slipped due to ankle injury and took years to develop.

    I'ld have to argue that Mployee. Al Jefferson was a better 1st round pick then Olly. You also have T. Allen, and D. West. Besides, when picking in the 14-30 range, you're getting into "diamond in the rough" scenerios. Specially now-a-days. Didn't use to be that way.

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    Re: Rondo + Sully + a real star

    Our GM is not the problem, he is part of the solution and a great Celtic.

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