Rondo trade rumors....oh no....

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    Re: Rondo trade rumors....oh no....

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    I considered DAL or ATL as landing spots for Rondo as a means for either of them to land DH, and thought the whole draft night manuverings as smelling of something more. Are both DAL and ATL competing to obtain RR? Kind of suspicious since both teams drafted PG which were linked to BOS interest before the draft. A little competition might be good for the C's as we can push hard to have GW as part of the package.


    DAL package most likely include Marion (9.3M) expiring, 2 firsts and a S&T of Mayo (8.0M) or TPE (if Wallace included) also Larkin for AB.

    ATL-  We get Horford, 12M (they will have DH and would re-sign JS) and S&T of Teague (8M) (who I'd rather have than Schroeder who could bakup Rondo) for Rondo and Wallace perhaps with Ivan Johnson. No picks coming back to BOS with this package.



    Don't forget that besides Schroeder, the Hawks already have Jeff Teague.


    I think if the Mavs miss out on Dwight their Plan B is to go after Rondo.

    Thats why in my ATL package description, I said we should target Horford and Teague in a sign in trade if we sent them RR and Wallace. A package of Horford, Teague and Johnson would mean we could still compete next year and use the accumulated draft picks to fill in holes as needed and/or develop a second unit. Starters with ATL trade: Teague, AB, Green,
    Sully and Horford. Bench: Bogans, Lee or Brooks, I Johnson, Olynyk, and Mozgov as MLE. Danny will need to move out Bass and Crawford or Lee during the summer.

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