Rondo Trades

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    Re: Rondo Trades

    Rondo is far more likely to get traded than Garnett and Pierce.  The only problem is Rondo is hurt and who of all these possibilities is willing to take him that way.  


    One thing nobody talks about is Rondo may not be the same player after the surgery. He plays like a rabbit and just turned 27 or will next week.  His game is bound to be effected. Chris Paul is a shooter with a stronger body who was much more able come back from that surgery.


    The hope is that Rondo is Adrian Peterson and comes back as good or better than ever.  But I think his game will be seriously effected by this injury and his game will have to be adjusted.  So if there were some interested buyers who think we are just getting rid of Rondo because the rest of the team is playing so well at the momemt maybe Danny can make a move with him now.

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    Re: Rondo Trades

    In response to Rajon-Hondo's comment:

    I think not. First I wouldn't give up Green for Smith. Second Sac is lost this year and Evans probably isn't resigning and Cousins has had nice numbers but their winning % hasn't improved. What I'm saying is we get 4 players that have abilities and value now and later. Sac gets a body now, maybe a pick and a proven veteran that is young enough to build a possibly moving franchise around. We get help now and reload more than rebuild and some wiggle room financially for next year or 2. Heck if we could add a 3 team to it we could forget Frederette and add Vucovic from Orlando too.

    These trades are probably not going to happen but, I think my trade idea is the best and it works cap wise.

    You can't brag about illogical one-sided trades that would never happen, sorry.

    Rondo to the Kings for those 4 players is lunacy