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    Re: Rondo?

    In response to Karllost's comment:

    Good points brought up... Doc never used his power as HC to deter Rondo, never sitting him for a game or even a stretch... probably just kept begging him to play team ball while the Celtics lost and lost. A total waste as a coach.

    Then he got the brain storm to annoint Rondo team leader!! THis is ROndos team now... KG & PP take a back seat for the little squirt... IF he wasnt a big enough head case before, wow....its now RONDAs team!!!

    DOc created a monster which wsa always in the making but DOc fed it HGH and everything else under the sun to speed it along... what a disaster and Docs only way to cope with it was his phony attempt to fight ROnda...

    DOc Rivers is not a good coach... KG is the coach of this team... how often have players, announcers, writers etc all chimed in that KG changed the culture of the Celtics??? Not DOc Rivers but KG! He brought the team together, demanded focus and intensity and hard practices etc.... only Doc allowed the diva to derail KGs fine coaching. Now Doc wants to bolt the C's cause hes over his head again and take coach KG with him to do his job again in LA..

    Pray Doc is gone next season and then hope DA gets rid of Rondo right before Wyc fires him...

    Bring Larry back to rebuild the organization and team...

    oh, but you're being too critical- there was ONCE- exactly ONE TIME that rondo was benched for a period of about 6 minutes....


    i watched rondo stink up a game vs. toronto in 2008 or early 2009 in which calderon, ever the sub mediocre PG, was TORCHING, nay, SCORCHING rebellious rajon and rondo's response was to overtly QUIT on defense and get torched some more.  you know- it was toronto- not a game worth trying to the young 23 y/o lad "veteran Laughing


    it was such a surreal and incredible sight i will never forget it.  of course the game was awful and meaningless and is not on youtube to prove out my story, but i know some of yoozes watched that same game.  KG said something to rondo and patted him on the rear, then doc gave him the double fists "let's go!" and rondo sagged even more.


    FINALLY he was pulled out of the game late in the first half, well ahead of normal substitution pattenrs, because he was such a freaking embarrassment, and there was no story that he "had the flu" or anything, because he didn't.  tommy was apopleptic on the mic, as was gorman- what could be so wrong with playing the game you love that you can't even try a bit on defense, especially against a turkey like calderon!

    so rondo sat, for the ONLY TIME IN HIS CELTIC LIFE, for the LAST FEW MINUTES of the first half and then was RIGHT BACK OUT THERE for the second half.  i've never seen anything like it.  any other player on any other team, star or not, would have been benched the rest of the game and probably taken aside for a serious "come to jesus" meeting about what's going on in the world and who's in charge and likely would not have played for a GAME OR TWO after the fact until they "GOT THEIR HEAD RIGHT".


    but with rajon, he was spat back out onto the floor for that second half.  and it didn't get much better.  calderon finished with 26 points and rondo had somewhere between 3 and 6 points, performed at a lower level than if you peeled fat old john bagley out of the lazy boy chair RIGHT NOW and put a 2XL shirt on him and said "go do it bags" .  now, as far as "how bad was it" really?  it was extremely bad- rondo quit on defense to the 95th percentile.  he was no longer bending his knees or trying to stop calderon.  when he got beat, he hung his head like a loser.  THIS IS CALDERON PEOPLE- a guy who couldn't scarcely turn in double digits points for a year on a stinker like toronto!!

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    Re: Rondo?

    By my moniker,I am a Rondo fan but I'm a name on the front of jersey kind of guy which is why I said If we can work out a deal where we get Horford and L Williams for Rondo + name TBD go for it. I do agree with Acies point both should go at this point. I said the last half of last season Doc seemed to mail it in the last month of the season. I think this whole scenario is only because of aKGs insistence on only playing with Doc. If we could deal with one piece at a time it would be much more easier on us. I do believe thoughnthat if it can be done to work in our favor DA is the guy to do it. 

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    Re: Rondo?

    here's the box



    rondo woke up a bit in the second half.  finished with 14 and 4 to calderon's 24 and 13 and the celts lost the game by 2 points

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    Re: Rondo?

    In response to Karllost's comment:

    In response to concord27's comment:


    In response to Karllost's comment:




    In response to darrylfries' comment:






    None of this is true and Rondo would whip Rivers in less than a minute.   Doc I'm sure would agree and would never won't to spoil one of his 2000 dollar suits.  



    Now Rondo is the cause of Doc leaving more BS from Eldunker.

    Allen is a traitor and said he left to win a championship not that Rondo pushed him out

    Do you ever tell the truth Eldunker




    Ray is a 2 time NBA champion thanks to Rondo & Doc pushing forcing him out....




    Ive noticed youre not very intelligent.. nothing personal



    What happened to you?  You used to be a good poster.  Calling people names and fighting constantly.  Why engage those that you have personal disagreements with?  Who are you to judge people's intelligence on a board of mostly stupid opinions.  99% of what all of us say here is not relevant.



    Thanks for the compliment... now Ive evolved from a good poster into a great one.


    Truthfully, I've found more satisfaction confronting idiots and speaking my mind than I did reading their nonsense and remaining quiet. Considering this is a message board about basketball and not life & death, with the exception of the importance morons like Fungus place on it... expressing myself more openly feels a lot better.

    Regarding calling names, well I never used to but feel fighting fire with fire is ok here.. and it makes me feel good too.. really good. I'll make sure I go to confession so I can always reload free of past indiscretions

    Take note that I discuss basketball free of personal comment with most...  not hard to be civil with civil people



    Wow. you think highly of yourself.  I think you need some self reflection.  Catagorizing people and judging opinions of others is fundamentally the mind of an arrogant idiot... ironically you call this "greatness".  Name calling is indeed infantile UNLESS its in self defense.  Fire doesn't start with you lighting it.  YOU called me names without provocation, so don't start this innocent moral denial.  You either overreacted or you're a schitzo, or both.  

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    Re: Rondo?

    Doc wants out.

    PP will be eased out

    Garnett will be forced out.

    and Rondo should be pushed out!

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    Re: Rondo?

    Even though I'm a Rondo fan and a fan of PP. KG not anymore,he bleeds green OK,just not Celtic green, I've been a Celtic fan since before all them were born. No matter how we slice it if the Celtics come out ahead I am AOK with it,any way, any how.