Rondo's gone; Should Doc be replaced by Jeff Van Gundy?

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    Re: Rondo's gone; Should Doc be replaced by Jeff Van Gundy?

    I like how you set your post up making it appear that revelant questions make you a doc hater.  Question Can Doc require Rondo to move the ball for a more balanced attack?  Does not appear that he can?  Question Tonight against Portland, did Doc's coaching have anything to do with our performance?  Did Doc return to Kevin and Paul ball tonight?  Was Jeff Green used the right way tonight?  Does Doc know how to coach without the big three?  There has been a problem with the team for the entire year and it appears more and more like Doc is part of the problem?  He relaxed in the Suns game and let em play and we did pretty good.  He tighened up in the Blazer game and his team tightened up with him.  Doc and Rondo both need to evaluate our new talent and turn it loose or we will go home early.  We have a very good team but it is a different team and needs different movivation.  I am beginning to wonder if Doc is part of the problem.


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    Re: Rondo's gone; Should Doc be replaced by Jeff Van Gundy?

    In response to BirdLewsBias' comment:

    Now that Rondo is out the picture for the year I think Doc can finally coach the team the way it's supposed to be coached. Rondo was running everything and it probably rubbed some guys the wrong way. Rondo was handed too much too soon.

    now THIS is genius-- the creature named rondo actually PREVENTED doc from coaching the team the way that he wanted to coach it?  isn't doc the monster who oversaw the creation, or lack thereof of the rondo that we see today?!  what other coach has rondo played under?  why couldn't doc control his development so that he became a complete player instead of a completely self serving player?!

    you people have to be joking about doc being worth the dry cleaning bill to gussy up his game suits.  he's a nothing of a coach.  he is strictly "rah-rah", give him some pom poms because he has no in-game solutions.  the only thing he does that is above average is drawing up out of bounds plays off of a time out.  i've never met a coach that couldn't do that.