Is anyone else screaming at their TV screen like me everytime Rondo doesn't square up his man and play the standard basketball defense rather then his annoying sideway defense which leads his teammates to step up and leave their man or he(Rondo) gets stuck on a pick and roll. I can't even keep up with how many times the Bucks scored this half on pick and roll and 90% of them were from Rondo's man running loose left and right all over the court. Arrggghh, so annoying, I just freaking wish someone would point that out to the phucker. I've said this before and its gonna kill this team in the playoffs but during the Celtics vs Bulls series 2 years ago, Rose had a field day scoring consecutively off of Rondo's lazy, bullsht defense and this is the same we're seeing here.

If he continues this stupidity, it could make or break this team for a crucial game or two. Delonte West and Other Guards do not play this way, so why is phucking Rondo playing this idiotic. I thought Doc Rivers and staff were preaching defense, why are they not pointing this out to him, geez.