Rondo's Team

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    Re: Rondo's Team

    I'm hoping Christmas beats out Dooling for playing time. I like his ceiling more as a combo guard. In a perfect world, he learns from Terry and becomes the future 6th man.

    But I like it. The lineups shouldn't change just to accommodate Rondo, though. They should change based on the opponent, and that's where the depth really comes in handy as long as there's a culture of next-man-up
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    Re: Rondo's Team

    A few notes on your line-ups.
    According to the latest reports, AB won't be able to play until some time in December. So, starting SG will be (most probably) CL. I don't know what happens when AB comes back, gets rid of all rust and gets to the level he was at the last season before the injury: if he starts or CL remains the starter.
    KG, most probably, will be on the same or similar schedule as he was last season. So, I don't think he'll play much with the 2nd unit.
    PP will start. He still can perform at that level.
    As for JG, he's going to be PP's sub so he'll see some time on the 1st unit at 3 and 4 but mostly be on the 2nd unit.
    I'd say KD and JT will share PG duties when RR takes a breather. Also, JT will play in the 1st unit when Doc goes small, e.g. RR, JT, CL, PP and KG.

    In any case, I believe that regardless of "Celtics are now Rondo's team" Doc will find the most efficient combinations. He has the luxury of camp and pre-season (vs last year) and the luxury of having a very powerfull back-court.

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    Re: Rondo's Team


    despite them trying to bolster Rondo's confidence and leadership as the point guard and as the future star player, this is KG's team.  He's the reason players stay motivated and play D.  KG is also a great passer who keeps the ball moving and sets picks and makes everyone work hard.   

    Why is this important?   Because I think Bass benefits from KG and Paul getting a lot of attention and then Bass ending up with open jumpers while people switch onto KG and onto Paul.  True - Bass, like many benefits from being on the floor with Rondo.  But, given the choice of Bass out there or Pierce out there, I don't think Bass nor Green warrant Pierce not starting.  Paul will be more healthy when the season starts and he should start.  I think Bass, Green, and Pierce will rotate a lot and Doc will use them all......but I don't like Pierce on the second team quite yet.

    I join Artist in hoping that one of hte younger guys beats out Dooling for second team.  They'll be faster and more athletic.   So, I'm for seeing Christmas, Lee, and Bradley on the floor before I see Dooling.