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Rondo's Trade Value

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    Re: Rondo's Trade Value

    Trade an injured Rondo for an injured Gasol. Now. Make both teams happy and better.

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    Re: Rondo's Trade Value

    In response to damfuno's comment:

    Due to Rondo's injury and the current play of the Celtics as a "team" I was wondering if his trade value has been negatively affected.  It is a given that with an injury, albeit, a partial tear of the ACL, he will now be a little suspect as far as 'does he still have the same game" as before.........but with the recent upbeat play of the Celtics and Rondo's ball hogging philosophy I wonder if his trade value has gone precipitously down.

    What do you all think?

    I doubt if Rondo's trade value has been affected negatively by the recent play of the Celtics. Also, unless the prognosis for a full recovery from injury is bleak (which it is not), he should be able to make a successful return in less than a year. Rondo is only 26 years old, and with his work ethic and current advances in medical technology, he should be fine. Rondo is held in high esteem by his fellow players, coaches and GMs of opposing teams, sportswriters and basketball fans worldwide. (Just read Kobe's comments on Rondo.) He was recently voted as a starter to the Eastern Conference All-Star team, and his jersey is among the most saleable. He gets bashed primarily by basketball-know-it-alls on this forum. Rondo's game is the way it is because it is precisely what Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers want it to be. They want the ball in Rondo's hands so that he can call the plays and distribute the ball accordingly. Rondo is a gifted and skilled player and he can adopt to situations and adjust his style of play when asked of him. IMO, the Celtics are not better without Rondo. It also remains to be seen whether the Celts can continue their winning ways on their upcoming road-heavy schedule.

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    Re: Rondo's Trade Value

    I think the trade Rondo threads here and elsewhere are good for a laugh; and that's about it.

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