Rose " Perk was tough"

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    Re: Rose " Perk was tough"

    Thibs has educated Rose.

    KG is the voice of experience. He plays the game in the game. However, the Cs will not be ready for the Bulls until the play-offs. Last nights game was necessary for this version of the Celtics to take notice.
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    Re: Rose " Perk was tough"

    Krstic is joke on defense.
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    Re: Rose " Perk was tough"

    Is this the world wrestling federation or the NBA?

    Chairs optional.
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    Re: Rose " Perk was tough"

    The simple truth was the Bulls defense.  This game reminded me of Butler vs UConn.  This is how bad the C's were dominated.  I remember watching the Butler game, and I know why the coach changed the D for a little bit, but to do it for a long time, I was thinking this really has let the game get out of hand. The good Butler D is what gave them a chance against better teams.  For sure, I don't think they had a chance that night.  They couldn't get in the paint, etc.

    Re: the BUlls game, the Celts looked just as dismal.  Their paint presence sucked. They had few opened shots.  How can you beat D like that.  I don't know, but Doc has some time to try to figure that out.  Moreover, the game, at least this game, really showed the disparity in quality D.  The Celts fell way short in this department.

    Championships are won with D.  And is the C's D good enough?  I'm not so sure anymore.  But the defense Tib's showed last night is a D of champions.

    It's unfortunate to see this.  But I feel it is the truth.  For the Celts to have any chance, they must pick up their defensive intensity and strategy.  It seemed like the Bulls rotation strategy and that of the C's is quite different.  Lawrence Frank has to look over at the Chicago tapes and learn a few things.  The Celts have enough talent on offense which should take care of itself.

    Which brings the question if the Perk trade was good or not?  But this brings up alot of other issues at hand.
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    Re: Rose " Perk was tough"

    Doc is going to send a message to Shaq, and either Baby or Nenad to foul rose hard.

    I was really scared he would begin to live in the paint with their being no true center and no one wanting to give hard fouls and hell he killed us there.

    Hopefully that game irritated the Celtics just as much as it did most of us and they send Rose to the deck. 
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    Re: Rose " Perk was tough"

    Shaq comes back everyone is happy he gets another injury.... hmmm
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    Re: Rose " Perk was tough"

    Saw this post and there's a nice analysis of how Perk's capabilities complement those of a weak-side shotblocker, and how that changes things for OKC...
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    Re: Rose " Perk was tough"

    In Response to Re: Rose " Perk was tough":
    I'm not saying any of what you're insinuating - at least not so simplistically. First of all, I don't want to make a big deal of it, but to me it felt like Rose was turning the knife that was already in us.  KG says things but to my knowledge it's in the games, player to player - not through the media. I identify more with the "older" players because they generally have lived and played long enough to have some humility.  For all people say about KG, I saw that humility in him when we won it all in '08.  Same with Pierce and Allen because they'd played entire 10+ year careers with complete frustration when it came to trying to win a championship.  I just see a lot of these younger players - particularly with the Heat and the Bulls as lacking that level of humility because they just haven't been through enough.  For example, when we had that press conference with the Big 3 after trading for Garnett, the sentiment was that each one of them was finally happy to have such an opportunity after all these years.  The Heat "Big 3" had their press conference on prime time national TV, pretty much predicting their immediate and long-term dominance.  On the other hand I'm not saying all young stars are like that.  Jeff Green, for example, has been criticized for not taking his shot enough.  Of course, there are other exceptions to this.  I realize I make generalizations.  But they don't come out of nowhere. And perhaps I should have clarified the comment about my playing days.  It wasn't just a different time, but also a whole other level.  High school girls were not presumed to have the same level of entitlement as a likely NBA MVP.  But I admit to digressing too much on that one.  My point is that I'm a former player, at Rose's position no less.  I do know something about what these guys have to go through as far as the conditioning and the physicality of every game.  I know how amazing these guys are for it.  And I cannot fathom saying something like what Rose did, benign as it is to nearly everyone else who heard it. Anyway, if we can just get past this funk, we'll ALL be a lot happier.
    Posted by MsLithium21

    I think you are reading WAY too much in those quotes. Its not like a player has ample time to think whether something he's going to say won't offend anybody. Anyway, nobody can deny that the celtics are different without Perk, so I don't see what the problem is.