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Rose needs to be knocked on his back!

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    Re: Rose needs to be knocked on his back!

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    Would Rose and the Bulls be attacking the paint if Perk was here. THANK YOU MR. AINGE!!!!
    Posted by RicoCeltic

    Yes, considering he is averaging 25 PPG against the entire league, I would say he would be.  He reminds me of a young Allen Iverson.
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    Re: Rose needs to be knocked on his back!

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    If Shaq had been in there Rose would have driven in and been knocked back hard on his butt.  Remember the second half of the opening night this year when Lebron started taking the ball to the basket and Shaq hit him once and he never came inside the rest of the game. This is what the Celtics miss if Shaq plays does not play.  If Shaq can't do it BBD should. It is the way the game  is played.  Defining moments like that lead to a title.  Also hitting a few open shots helps to.
    Posted by concord27

    i was thinking the same thing. rose isnt scared to go into the middle, so he will keep going there.
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    Re: Rose needs to be knocked on his back!

    I posted this elsewhere in response to Ms. Lithium wanting Spurs to win if we don't.  I felt like copying & pasting it here too as i address the Bulls but mostly Noah and not Rose.

    I love your passion. I am a super senior in my 70's and a Boston Teams fan going back to Cousy/Sharman days(Red Sox…Williams, Dimaggio etc.). In  my youth I remember when our teams lost I couldn't get to sleep for hours and couldn't wait for the next game to try & get over the previous loss. With the great Celtic teams with Russell, Bird, McHale, Parish etc. I had tremendous satisfaction & gloating rights as although I was born in New England, went to school there , the Military first & then my working career after took me to California, I've been here(SF Bay Area) for 45+ years. I'm a local team fan too…hate the Lakers, Dodgers, Previously LA Rams etc….but roots run deep and I'm a Boston fan first even when they play local teams.

    I got over my severe depression after Boston losses after my teens and it was really frustrating if you are a Sox fan as I went through 4 world series… 1946, 1967, 1975 & 1986 the most ugly loss (Bill Buckner) when they didn't win. Their comeback from 0-3 with the Yankees and then undefeated thereafter for their first title since early 1900s was probably my most gratifying Boston teams victory. Then the loss to the Lakers last year in game 7 when I felt they were robbed with disparity in foul shots made me relive, and I'm in my 70s, nausea & grief for weeks, months even writing on the Tainted Title forum that went to almost 1000 posts(don't remember you there---Rajon Randowski was a major contributor).

    The reason I was especially saddened with the unjust loss to the Lakers, I & many other people & sport writers felt too, was that I always like rooting for an older player/team and I worry that last year may have been the last hurrah for the Big 3.  Also, I like rooting for underdogs. With your preference for the Spurs if we don't make it, I like your choice because Duncan, Ginobli & Parker are not youngster either and they are a class act. But, truth be told, I will root for anyone vs. the Lakers. Same as I do for anyone vs. Yankees. I don't like them threatening our leadership with titles.

    RE your comment: 

    "I'm grieving here.  I feel worse about this game than I do any of those losses to cellar dwellars because I am now forced to confront the possibility that the Bulls - after all their trash talking of us - are in fact the better team this year.  We all are, and trust me, we all have our ways of dealing with it."

    I play in a super seniors USTA tennis league and tennis is supposed to be almost like golf, a gentlemens' sport. You can't believe the trash talk but remember the old "sticks & stones will break your bones but names will never hurt you". Noah's mouth didn't beat us, their  quickness, youth etc. did. Noah is to be admired a bit as his father, Yannick, wanted him to follow in his tennis footsteps & rallied with him, jogged with him & boxed with him administering some beatings too but Joakim to be respected chose basketball. Hopefully, and they say in life that falling down is not the worse thing but it's the ability to pick your self up, that Rivers learns that we need to play a different slow down the tempo game with this younger team.  Also, if we get Shaq back it'll help tremendously in the paint & he'll take care of Joakim.

    You also very wisely said that if we lose, life goes on.  I've been depressed about Red Sox 0-6 start & facing the dreaded Yankees this weekend.  Remember, these guys make millions whether they win or lose. But keep in mind the truly important things going on in the world, Japan Nuclear problem, Libya stalemate, atrocities in Africa etc.

    'Every Day Above Ground ... Is A Good Day'
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    Re: Rose needs to be knocked on his back!

    The guy Rose was really scared of was Perk. Fact. 

    However Shaq would not be a bad thing to have in the middle against these guys. I don't understand anyone who is confident Shaq will be able to give us good minutes on a consistent basis. But I hope they are right.
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    Re: Rose needs to be knocked on his back!

    great post Mandobello!  I can only hope to live until my 70's, and be as sharp as you are if/when I do.  True, bigger things going on, but sports is a good outlet, and I cant lean on it if we are the longer we last in the playoffs the better, as long as they show up and play hard, I'll be satisfied.
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    Re: Rose needs to be knocked on his back!

    Dirty tactics of knocking a player down while finishing a drive isn't the answer. Rondo has to force Rose left. Rose burned Rondo to his strong hand all night long. Rondo has got to learn not to reach for steals and to stay in front of lightning fast player such as Rose. A guy as fast as Rose and a good a ball handler that he is will burn a defender almost everytime a defender gets out of defensive position by reaching for a steal. Secondly Rondo is cheating too far off of him. Rondo should give him a step since he's so fast and play him to his strong side and force him to his left where he doesn't want to go.
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    Re: Rose needs to be knocked on his back!

    He will pull up all day if Rondo backs off.  Once again, I dont know what the poster meant, but Im just talking about hard playoff fouls, not trying to hurt someone. How come it took so long for Jordan to do anything in the playoffs?  cuz teams like detroit were not having it, and they made him pay when he came in the paint.  Now obviously the league has changed and less phsyical play is permitted but you dont have to knock someone on the floor, but god dammit, foul someone for real if you are beat and stop giving up and ones...Its not hard to do.   like I said, it does not require skill as guys like Scal knew how to hack, and he is not a good defender, but he kept the paint protected while in  there by laying hard fouls where the player could not follow through and still get off his shot.  Kurt Thomas anyone....any bench guy will do.  Baby aint the answer. I would elect Murphy, O'neal, even Pav could do it...but everyone cant be so generous in the paint..we will get smoked early!  Count on it!