Celtic Basketball means running Ray and Paul off picks to get open looks, at three’s for Ray or Paul, or a weak-side isolation for Paul, or a jumper for KG from the elbows or the baseline.  Ray and Paul running around picks makes their defender run with them, makes Wade and LeBron play defense which should, in theory,  somewhat diminish their energy and effectiveness on offense.

Ray Allen had a total of 7 shots.  Paul Pierce, 11.  Does Doc really want Rondo and KG to combine for 36 shots while Ray and Paul combine for 18?  It’s Ray’s seven attempts that really stands out:  how can Ray get on track with 7 attempts?  KG and Rondo shot a paltry 41% combined while Ray and Paul combined for an even more paltry 38%, mostly a product of Ray not getting enough touches in the right spots. 

The Celtics cannot win without playing Celtic Basketball:  what I just described above is not Celtic Basketball, and if they continue to play this inferior brand of ball they will get swept, no doubt about it.

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