We played well with JON in the game.  Seemed like both O and D was stronger inside - which repeats what many have said for months, 1). We need our big men back.  They make a huge difference and we simply cannot and will not win without JON playing more minutes or the return of Shaq.  Baby and Krstic cannot do the job inside.
2.) Although Rondo made a few great plays, he also made a few boneheaded plays and overall was ineffective offensively and defensively Rose stepped all over him. which repeats what many have said for months. 2). We cannot win when Rondo plays so inconsistently.  He looked like high school player amounst pros tonight.  When he continues to walk the ball up and pounds it waiting for a play, nothing good happens. (Hello Doc!!) and I believe that your ball handler affects the energy and performance of the team around him...which is one reason why EVERYBODY played poorly.