Scal Weighs In!

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    Scal Weighs In!

    Scal weighs in on the Cs:

    Comment From David David:  How far do you see the Celtics getting in the playoffs

    Brian Scalabrine: 
    EC Finals, and at that point, the ball can bounce either way, and you can beat Miami. Right now, are they better than the Heat? At some positions, they are, e.g. bench depth. But at the end of the day, health does come into play, and I'm really looking forward to a healthy Avery Bradley and what he can do against D-Wade. Everyone right now is looking at Jeff Green as a guy who can't find his rhythm offensively, but remember, one of the main reasons he's here is to have an athletic guy to put on LeBron so Paul can save more of his energy for the offensive end.

    Comment From Robert: do you think the Celt's have enough size up front this year to contend?

    Brian Scalabrine: 
    The Celtics play a different style of basketball. They rely on a steady rotation of big guys playing 5-7 minutes, and in that time, they have to play extremely hard. That can make up for the lack of length at the rim.
    Comment From whattheheckwhattheheck: 
    should i be concerned that the cetlics cant beat bad teams easily?
    Brian Scalabrine: 
    No, not really. The Celtics are a team that play the regular season and offensively and defensively are set up to excel in the playoffs. For instance, their defense is situated to beat a team like the Brooklyn Nets in a seven-game series, but that same defense may struggle against the Wizards on a random Tuesday night in January.

    Comment From Pierce34Pierce34: How will Avery Bradley's return impact the team? Who loses minutes?

    Brian Scalabrine: 
    I don't know how Doc's going to manage minutes, but his impact is going to be greatly appreciated by guys like Rondo. It means he doesn't have to carry the load offensively and stop the opponent's best player on D.
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