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    Do yourself a favor and listen to what may be B. Scal's last interview for two years.

    Some really good nuggets about Rondo, Olynyk, Scal coaching the C's...




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    Re: Scal

    A lot of posters on here spew uninformed opinions. Inform yourself. If you don't trust and respect the words of truth from the White Mamba, there's just no hope for you.


    For those who care, Scal expects rondo to step up. See Rondo respects intellect and gets frustrated with players who do the wrong things especially after being taught the right things in practice. This is why I think AB, KO and JS will continue to work well with Rondo. I feel like Jeff makes mistakes, but I think he's getting better. I think he is a follower and will follow the lead of the aforementioned players.


    On KO, Scal really respects his game. Scal is adament that KO is a PF and will evolve into a SF once he gets his quickness up and body right. Sounds like Dirk potential to me.

    I think Scal believes that this team won't tank with Rondo. He thinks Danny will use the assets to move up in the draft and sign the right free agent next summer to build a contender around Rondo. I certainly think its possible. Oh, the other nugget (I think ) was that Danny may actually want to keep Wallace and that Wallace was a target in years back as that gritty 6th man, a Posey type that the Celtics were never able to find.


    Interesting stuff, and I am deeply depressed that Scal is heading into radio silence for two years. I abosultely hate Tanguay & Marshall. Scal made CSN watchable.



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    Re: Scal

    nothing?really? #youpeoplesuck