Aren't the result of turnovers and poor execution. Sorry Doc, but we're just not talented enough and our star players/leaders are over the hill. How many times when the C's were younger and more talented did a team get out to a first half lead yet the better team reeled them in and prevailed?

The C's FO made some bad decisions and gambled on some aging stars and this is the result. Don't blame back to backs or injuries because even with RR we were struggling.

I can't believe I heard DA compare this team to the one that lost in 7 to the Lakers a couple years ago. I hope we don't hear him say that KG & PP are still top players but just need a little rest this offseason too.

Give it up man! They are complementary players now and no longer good enough or young enough to build you team or your sell-out streak around! You should've gotten 70 cents on the dollar for them while you could've because now you are married to them and next year they will be closer to playing out the string and retiring their number then you will be to another chanpionship run,