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second unit

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    second unit

    Now's the time for the second unit to play hard and instinctively.The big 4 or 5 are not going to win this series by themselves; they need effort from everybody. I'm sure the injury-prone players are backing off a bit, but they need to step up. And Green needs to live up to the "best player in the trade" target he was given by the experts.
    If the C's don't get past the 1st round, we might see a Thunder vs Miami finals. Oh my God!
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    Re: second unit

       Right now there is no best in the trade.   Krystic isn't bad, but his athleticism hurts him.   The C's don't let him pick and pop.   What he did well for the Nets.   Otherwise OKC is glad to have KP's bulk instead of JG's softness.   Cs (I guess.   I'm not sure what DA/Papile were looking for when they made the trade) were looking for a tall wing to play against Odom or Deng or other tall sf.   I haven't seen JG outplay anyone at his position yet of a playoff team.

       The Cs need to get VWafer into the rotation.   Get him comfortable esp as the playoffs progress.   He plays tougher than JG.