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    Re: Semi

    In Response to Semi:
    He's better than JO.
    Posted by Kirk6
      Yea, when JO isn't playing.  Hopefully, JO and some of the other guys can get some mentor time with this young Center and he can add something for real through the playoffs.  He is big reason their record is a strong as it is.  It's fun to see unexpected guys step up and have some passion to play the game and do well. 
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    Re: Semi

    Semih is definetly better than JO. He is only a rookie and can only get better. The guy is playing with a bad shoulder, cant wait to see what he can do when healthy.
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    Re: Semi

    I think Semi has been a big surprise. Now that Doc lit a little fire under him, I do believe he will contribute even more. Mike and Tommy were talking the other night how Semi couldn't give it 110% because of the shoulder injury. Doc still wants more. A good way to keep him going I guess. Keep up the good work Semi!
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    Re: Semi

    Anyone is better than JO cause the guy cant stay on the court.

    My guess is JON's career is over.. his knee is shot.

    But the debate over whether Semi is better than JON is silly.  JON has played reasonably well since his return. He can score within the system, blocks shots and usually has decent position. Semi is none of these things. I know we all love the guy  but Semi is our 4th string center period.  To be used only in emergency.

    Can he develop into a better player? Sure. So can AB. Semi is ok to fill in for a few minutes here & there. To put him in any sort of important role will cost us plenty.