Who cares???  You're team dates back to the Jurassic.

Napolean had a great army...but it is worthless today.

All your players are past their prime or never had one:

Shaq: A traitor to LakerNation, despised 38, fat, and talentless
KG: A bum wheel and soft
PP: Can't dribble, faded in playoffs
Ray Allen: Worst shooting game in Finals history.
Sheed: Retired
Jermaine ONeil: Two bad wheels.
Rondo: Can't shoot.
Perk: No talent, no knee
Harangody: A zilch
Bradley: Flopped at Texas
Nate: Midget
Baby: Too short
Erdin: Turkish rubbish
Van Wafer: A snack maybe, a player no
Daniels: Can't stay healthy weedhead

Meanwhile the LAKERS sport:

KOBE: the greatest player in history
PAU: the 2nd greatest player in the NBA; one of the best big men ever
BYNUM: unstoppable
FISH: clutch, can do anything
BARNES: best sub in history
ARTEST: beat your team in game 7 single handedly
BLAKE: dynamite
PHIL: greatest coach in history

The Celtics won't win 40 games mark my word.  The Heat will face us and BE SMASHED BY THE MIGHT OF THE LOS ANGELES LAKERS


PS-Don't delete this; I'll keep reposting.  If you do, I will use my plastic surgeon income and connections to sue this site into oblivion for censorship.  Does the Globe want to risk the infamy?