Shaq and Semih

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    Shaq and Semih

    To have neither of these guys available to me in these two important game with plenty of rest between games followed by the all star break really bothers me.

    Perkins just got back and will have to play big minutes if he  does not get into early foul trouble.  If Shaq or Semih could play and just to give up their fouls in an early exit would have helped a great deal.

    I wonder also if Shaq will come back having gained a lot of weight this has been his pattern the last few years.

    These games are defining at this point in the season. Along with the Heat having a chance to get best record after Sunday.  I think we should have had one or both of these guys ready to play some minutes.  It does not bode well for the outcomes of these games. Pierce is suiting up despite being sick. Enough whining but they should be in uniform.

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    Re: Shaq and Semih

    While I agree that having Shaq or Semih available would be huge for these 2 games (and I agree - even if just to give up their fouls), I can't see these games as "defining".  They are of major importance in getting home court advantage in the playoffs.  But, no game for the C's at this point in the season with players injured is "defining".  We have already defined who this team is and how they'll play together (especially the starters).   They have showed who they are and the character they have.  Not its about finishing with healthy players and with a great record (in that order).

    So, while important, these games won't define us.  We may well lose one or two of these games, but we will be back more healthy later and a better team.

    What I like is how they've talked - they know no one has any sympathy for them and they have to just battle hard tonight.  Let's see if they can do that.
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    Re: Shaq and Semih

    I'd like to see us get 2 wins, but shorthanded as we are, I'm not holding my breath. 
    Better that everybody mends and we're fit for the playoffs.
    Then again, Celtics do tend to play up to the competition.
    Expecting some big games from Nate, as his name is probably being mentioned in tradetalks due to his salary.

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    Re: Shaq and Semih

    I mentioned defining and the importance of possibly ending up behind the Heat after Sunday. 

    With All Star break right after these games it seems one of them could have played.  You always run the risk of another injury when your stars play big minutes in hotly contested games.  I have great confidence in Doc but when he said against Orlando that Shaq would have played if it was the playoffs I wondered why he could not be ready for one of these big games coming up.

    If we lose these games I think it is defining as it can be in a season where things change constantly.  I love your confidence and hope I am wrong.