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Shaq is playing better each game

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    Re: Shaq is playing better each game

    Shaq vs Perk who should start?

    Ray vs Pierce - who should take the last shot?

    KG or Pierce - who's the most important to the team?

    Rondo - is he passing TOO much?

    With a bench of Marquis, BBD, Nate, Delonte, Perk/Shaq - who's not going to make the playoff rotation? 

    We as Celtics fans have some good problems to ponder, don't we?  Some other teams have to be very jealous.  Way to go, Danny!
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    Re: Shaq is playing better each game


    I did see the game.

    What I meant was, has anyone ever seen Shaq go to the floor before last night?
    I never have... 

    He seems to be trying to make a case to start.

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    Re: Shaq is playing better each game

    Shaq should start, hes far superior to Perk (prior to knee surgery).

    Shaq is also an offensive threat. Hes become a very good offensive threat with Boston cause Rondo gets him the ball. Imagine Shaq waiting for setups from Nate..??

    Plus Shaq is slow on defense and plaing with the starters, esp KG, covers that up some. On the 2nd unit, it wont be the case.

    How Perk has suddenly been elevated to superstar, Ill never know. At best, hes a role player and after this surgery, who knows if he can even do that. 

    Also, why is Perk automatically the starter? Thats funny. So, if Perk went down last season and we signed DH.. Perk is still the starter? Please...

    Doc will prob start Perk at some point cause hes worried about his wuddle feewins.. but on merit and whats best for the team, it should be Shaq imo.

    Perk slows our offense..hes basically invisible and zero offensive threat. Talk about defenses sagging off... now we'll have 2 players starting they can sag off of, Perk & Rondo.
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    Re: Shaq is playing better each game


    You said Shaq is a hall of famer. Are you talking about shaq of 10years ago or shaq of 2011.  How much is shaq making compared to Perkins? How many minutes can he play compare to Perkins? Who amongst them can hang with Dwight in the paint for 30 minutes? Shaq is on his way to retirement while Perk is in his prime.

    Let's not full ourselves, Perk is much younger, and Perk knows our system 100% much than shaq.

    Listen to Doc and the players talk about Perk, and you will know what I am talking about. He is our starting center and not Shaq. If he is fully recovered, of course he will start.

    Don't forget before JON was injured, Doc said JON will start over Shaq which Shaq even aeecpted, by saying he understands JON is younger.

    Again, Perk is our starting center and he will always be unless he is traded. You can take it to the bank. Mark my words.

                                                Time Will Only tell
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    Re: Shaq is playing better each game

    13 rebounds, diving on the floor - just putting it all out there.  Shaq played so hard last night it sort of brought a tear to my eye seeing a guy near the end of his career just laying it all out - being a leader in effort at 38 is Amazing.  The play where he launched himself after a loose ball and came up with it, then got helped up by KG, and ran up the court, rondo waited for him and got him the ball near the hoop and he scored.  A highlight for the ages - one of the best of his career.
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    Re: Shaq is playing better each game

    all people want to look at is OFFENSE, while ignoring the fact that 1. defense wins championships and 2. Doc is a defensive coach. Rivers said when perk came back to practice with the starting unit, there was a whole new level of defensive intensity not seen yet this season. theres really no question, when Perk is able to perform like Perk, HE WILL BE THE STARTER. we need the scoring punch much more off the bench than in the starting unit. plus, Shaq's minutes coincide with a bench role anyways, he will be on the bench..its not a question.
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    Re: Shaq is playing better each game

    it doesn't matter who starts games, it matters who finishes them, and the truth is it's not going to be shaq or perk. big baby has been our crunch time centre all season, and I see no reason why this should change