Shaq might have helped Celtics.

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    Shaq might have helped Celtics.

                    I was one of the people who constantly said {after Shaquille was acquired} that I was about 75% sure he wouldn't stay healthy so I can't say I'm the least surprised by his complete inability to stay on the court.................but if he could have or could now {woulda, shoulda, coulda} I think the Celtics would have had a chance to beat the Heat and perhaps win it all. I'm not saying they'd be the favorites or anything else. I'm saying that without Shaq. Without that dimension he could give them {in certain games..........not night in and night out} I have never thought they had enough at this point in time to win it all. I always thought the only chance they had was if Shaq could give them 18 minites of good basketball like he did at the beginning of the year..........but even then he was taking days off and only playing 75% of the time and that was when he was I guess that was a pipe dream. This has been a great group of Celtics and they've had a great run. Time is getting short though I think. Happens to everyone. Not saying they can't pull it out. Anyone would be stupid to quit on this group too soon but you can only fool father time so long.
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    Re: Shaq might have helped Celtics.

    Shaq does not sound healthy enough to play be a factor.  We could still beat this Heat team if the big four starts playing as they can.  To win a title Shaq would have to come back health most likely.