Shaq: Right Calf Muscle Strain

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    Re: Shaq: Right Calf Muscle Strain

    genaro008, I definitely don't like to hear the word "tear".  Is a slight tear bad?  I've heard (actually from another thread) that it's more like a cramp.  Who knows?  At least it "sounds" like it's not a calf strain of the KG or Wafer variety.

    I just want to see a box score for once this season with more than 10 minutes on the line next to BOTH O'Neals.  The more we see that and those numbers increasing, the better I'll feel about our playoffs chances.

    Been in meetings all day but I was encouraged by the report that Shaq MAY play Friday.  MAY, MAY, MAY.  Hope he's on the court.

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    Re: Shaq: Right Calf Muscle Strain

    One thing Shaq did show us in limited time is, get him the freaking ball down low.  To this day he still takes up massive real estate in the key, and he obviously frustrates the post defender(s). 

    Never seen him do that up and under, though.  More than anything else, it's a sign that he can't finish at the rim the way he used to.  Anyone else out there remember this guy in about 1995?  Unstoppable...literally unstoppable. 

    If they play him right, Shaq could have a monster playoff series no matter the minutes he gets.