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For true basketball fans, Heat-Thunder is Finals heaven

I mean, come on now, don't you have any shame?

Some highlights, including:
"For the sake of Heat lovers and haters, the Celtics need to step aside Saturday so we can witness a big buildup to an event that just might meet the hype. If the Heat win Saturday, basketball wins."
"They're (CELTICS) exactly the team you'd want in a Game 7 of the East finals, and also the team you want to lose, or should, anyway."
"The NBA Finals needs to be about stars in their prime and placed under pressure. It should be about entertaining basketball played at warp speed, complete with lob passes and full-court sprints that captivate the casual basketball fan. It should give us the MVP and the MVP runner up. It should end the season a whole lot better than the way it started."

No, The NBA Finals should be about the teams who play better and show more heart. OKC may fit the bill, but the Heat certainly does not.

What a clown, a pathetic piece that was.