Sick of the Perk trade talk

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    Re: Sick of the Perk trade talk

    I am watching the Thunder Laker right now and Perk just pushed Kobe for a technical and stated befor the game he does not like Phil Jax and called Pau Gasol soft
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    Re: Sick of the Perk trade talk

    In Response to Re: Sick of the Perk trade talk:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Sick of the Perk trade talk : I disagree! The trade sucks!  DA made a foolish mistake.   Celtics had the blueprint that everyone tried to copy with the interior D and the bigs.  The Bulls, OKC, and the Heat all added bigs to compete against the cletics and lakers.   Anyone with half a brain saw this.  Jeff Green is extremely overrated!  Kristic is D ball player.   Ainge was brilliant to land us allen, garnett but this trade makes me sick!!!  He should be fired.   WHy gamble everything on a 39 year old shaq while he was hurt.   I can see if we traded perk and shaq was healthy but we traded perk when shaq and JO were hurt.  Then we got rid of erden.  Everyone knows defense and rebounds wins champinships.   Every game we got out-rebounded in the playoofs last year we lost.   DA knew this and made great moves in the off season by getting Shaq, JO and Erden this year. We had 4 bigs.    We had the best record and then DA takes a hit of acid, and decides to trade Perk (i am not saying he is an all star- but he is an old school great role player who plays great D) and rely on SHaq who was injured at the time of the trade.  How stupid could you be?  And for who?  Jeff Green!  He looks as intimidating as micky mouse out there.   COach Tibs called Garnett and Perk the best defensive duo he has seen!  They underestimated Perks value to OUR team.  I am not saying he was Dwight Howard but HE was what OUR team needed.  Having him and SHAQ would be wonderful going into the playoffs  but now we look like a girls high school team with Jeff Green that dope Murphy and kistric.   Blow the team up now.   We were robbed another shot at the title thansk to this terrible trade.
    Posted by BigJoedaddyBoston[/QUOTE]

    Just so you know, even with Perk the Cs were outrebounded most of the time and the gave up way too many offensive rebounds.... the problem still exist with or without perk