Sign Beasley??

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    They should trade KG for Amare, Ray for Kobe, Pierce for LeBron, and J O and Shaq for Howard but don't trade Rondo because he is perfect for the team, the salary cap does not matter, there is no way to overvalue the Cs talent, and any attempt to discuss it should be ignored. Dudder Your level of hyperbole to make points is childish.  Show us where someone suggested these silly trades you made up.  You go on and on making the same points regarding the very understandable bias we all have here. We are Celtic fans unlike you and I wonder with your long elaborate negative comments do you think anybody is listening. Go to an NBA board where people of all teams talk basketball and you can enlighten them.  Nobody here is listening.  We like and root for the Celtics.  You are getting worse and worse, your comments used to be more well thought out.  Get a grip you are losing it.
    Posted by concord27

    You made my point and I appreciate it... you have an "understandable bias" which allows you / people like you suggest that the Cs can do some of the things that I sarcastically suggested... I read post after post after post about Howard coming as if he has your IQ and thinks that there is some sort of long term benefit from playing with the Celtics and their mystique......  Howard will go somewhere where he can win but for some ridiculous reason it will be the Cs because well... um... they have no talent and um no chance of aquiring talent.....

    The understandable bias is the real problem..... objectivity would have you being realistic and many many many threads would never even get started.

    It boils down to the understandable bias that has Jefferson as a perennial all-star, Perk an defensive all-star something or other, Delonte West a premier guard in the east, and a whole bunch of other ridiculous unrealistic and quite frankly moronic positions that many of you defend until the end, well that or until the light comes on but cannot accept it.

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    Re: Sign Beasley??

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    In Response to Re: Sign Beasley?? : The Jazz are a lottery team. No way they're going to give up a 1st round pick for PP. Playoff teams are the ones in need of PP's services, not rebuilding teams.
    Posted by ConnectingRod

    I submit that the jazz will be a playoff team next yr. especially if they get a solid scoring 2 or 3..I have all the ingredients to make my crow delectable if I am wrong; you heard it here 1st
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    Re: Sign Beasley??

    The fans which I am one of certainly overvalue players they have watched here for years.

    I think I am rational and hope we get some better players. I put Howard coming here as long long shot, but your comments suggesting silly trades while deliberately extreme are not fair to even the most biased homers here.

    It's like watching one of your kids play a sport and thinking he is way better than he is. I hope I am not that way but in fact I'm sure I can't help it.