silver lining

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    silver lining

    I can live with 13 and 8 for bosh, 14-8-5 for wade and even 27-7-5 for james. miami aren't going to beat us in a playoff series with their big 3 playing like that.

    what I can't understand is how the rest of their team gave them 46 points on 50% shooting

    24 points, 21 points and 13 points from our big 3 is just what we need, but the rest of our team gave us just 19 points on 7/26 shooting

    basically, their supporting cast was on fire, and ours stunk. I don't think they can rely on that happening again.
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    Re: silver lining

    No, they can't rely on that.  Again, for them this was a "message game."  They can't sustain that for more than 1 game.  For us, there are bigger fish to fry, such as reestablishing our identify and confidence.  Getting blown out by that team was not the way to do it - especially when it most likely cost us home court advantage over them - but we're fighting a much bigger battle than one game.  We have to get right ourselves first, and I know we will.