Simmons likes Varejao in Green

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    Re: Simmons likes Varejao in Green

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    In Response to Re: Simmons likes Varejao in Green : Minnesota Timberwolves fans really don't have a chat board other then one on The websites of newspapers never developed them. They recently started allowing comments on articles on their websites. Not many women love basketball like I do, so I am a fish out of water... Posted by GinaM1977
    So my next question is, do you go on the Lakers, Heat, bulls, Magic websites and trash them or are you just a Celtic hater? I guess what I'm trying to say is if you hate the C's so much, what is your fascination with coming on this board giving us fans your two cents? I hate the lakers...I live in LA and I have never been on their website....won't waste my time...stop wasting yours.
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    Re: Simmons likes Varejao in Green

    If I'm Cleveland I do that in a heartbeat. That gives them 3 first round draft picks, two of them likely pretty high, in this deep a draft to put with Irving. So that gives you 3, maybe 4 top of the line kids who are 22 or 23 at the oldest, plus some cap space from JO....and all they have to do is give away Varejao? I like the guy. He's a scrappy player who does all the little stuff, and he's a solid glue guy to add to a team, bt come on...he's not worth more than that haul.
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    Re: Simmons likes Varejao in Green

    Thanks for the input.
    I actually think Fiercest34 put forth all the arguments why Cleveland and Bosrton (DA) won't go for this trade. Other posters, when not echoing his sentiments,  rebutted and argued why Verajao would  be a great pickup for us this season. And towards the end of the thread, there was some question  as  to  GinaM1977's true identity and gender.  That last one aside, and as I still feel Verajao could help us not just this season, but for the next 3 years, I would like to ask  the following.

    1. Why would Cleveland be so keen to lock onto the 8th seed?  Long  odds for going anywhere in the playoffs.  Probably an early exit.  Wouldn't a 2 or 3 yr plan  towards advancing deeper into the playoffs make more sense.

    2. Concerning Boston's two 1st round picks in this upcoming deep draft, does everyone  have no worries about Danny's ability to draft wisely?  I can't identify the naysayers offhand, but I know there have been a lot of posts concerning DA's  blowing  our picks on  players who are here for  a season or two, don't play, and then are gone.
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