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Simply Pathetic

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    nobody thinks boston will lose saturday (well unless the refs give Philly 18 FT's again.... but even that will be hard to get them a W) the refs let LA have ONE win with 42 FT's but hopefully they don't hurt boston for a 3rd time this series... killing them in games 4 and 6 is quite enough for me to take... fair refs = C's in 5 and OKC in 4 The two times the refs messed things up for Indy they won (game 2, Miami couldn't hit FT's) and game 5 (brutality the league had to suspend guys for)
    Posted by rameakap
    ...of course it's the refs fault if they typical
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    Re: Simply Pathetic

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    Gang, you can't imagine how much nicer the board smells when you put the grenade launchers on ignore. Responding to them in any way, even by slapping them upside the head and exposing them for the idiots they are, is what they crave given how pitiful their lives are.
    Posted by LloydDobler

    Breaktime, Lloyd & others...we must win Game 7 or all the other trolls will appear & my reasoning is below:

    It is incredible to me that you guys let Mark from Ct bother you.  You feed him & with his belly full, he attacks again. Our major concern now is to concentrate on winning Game 7 because Mark and many other Laker fans/trolls will return to the board & continue to aggravate us if you let them. It’ll be the same rhetoric, they were healthy, had the guy whom they think walks on water, Kobe, & the two best big man duo in the game & folded and then we will say many of our players are injured and we are grateful we went as far as we did in the playoffs, farther than LA & they’ll say the competition was not as stiff, etc. etc., etc.

    In my younger days in school & the Marine Corps I used to box.  When a good punch is landed, the opponent would smile to insinuate he was not hurt. This is what Mark is doing, he’s smiling because he’s hurt that the Lakers are out of it.  I commented in other posts that I hate the Lakers(Yankees too) and although I should only be concerned with how the Celtics perform, I get an albeit small sense of gratification when these hated teams lose. I root for any team who plays against them(Yankees too).  I said this in my profile, Double my Pleasure, Double my Fun(thank you Spearment chewing gum) with a Celtic (Red Sox) victory and a Laker(Yankee) loss.

    So Mark is wounded, the punch(Lakers being eliminated) hurt him yet he is smiling telling himself they were beaten by a younger team and our competition is not as tough(keep in mind Philly beat Chicago #1 seed in the East &, yup, Rose and then Noah were out)  but still they were not push overs. In short, Mark will ease his pain a bit when and if the Celtics lose.  Again, don’t let him bother you because he will if you let him !!!