I tried to warn people to stop with the constant Howard not a Laker yet posts.... A) as a Celtic fan it was unbearable to see people baiting trolls as well as the true lakers fans, B) there was always a chance Howard ended up in LA and now people look dumb. And people need to give it a rest. The Lakers are going to be great.... Howard covers up all defensive mistakes and he also went to the finals in 2009 ( KG injury or not) with his best teammates as Hedo and injured Jameer. Any 3 of his new teammates would be his best teammate ever. Injuries could be a concern as they are for everyone. But if we are predicting big things for the Celtics not accounting for injuries then people need to stop letting the laker hate get in the way of realistic views. They are OBVIOUSLY better so get over it. It is ok to admit other teams are good once in awhile As for us... We also had a great offseason. Losing Ray, Steamer, Pietrus and Hollins but gaining Terry, Lee, Green, Wilcox and Sullinger is a amazing offseason. We didn't have the resources to make a huge trade but we did very well. Celtics have a good shot to be one of the last teams standing. As do the Heat, Lakers, and Thunder. We are fortunate to be a contender in the super team era. Just stop complaining