Well, the C's got lucky tonight. I know I am going to take a beating on this because they won. I am thrilled they won. The call on Anthony was out there. 2 guys battling for position. That is playoff ball. If that had been reversed and called against the C's you all would have gone crazy. Rondo did not play particularly well nor did KG or Big Baby. Something is off with Big Baby. KG has to be better defensively. And Rondo needs to not air-mail his passes with the game on the line(2 horrible giveaways) and he needs to shoot those shots in the paint instead of kicking them back out to the line. Way too many turnovers this eve. Jermaine was the MVP. He allowed that comeback in the 3rd. He is hungry. He played great tough Celtic ball. And of course thanks to Ray. What a gamer. So to pull out a win when they were getting outplayed most of the game is great for this team. Come on B's. Way to go C's.