Somewhere Dudder is weeping

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    Re: Somewhere Dudder is weeping

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    "  have dudder and Puddin on ignore small minded hateful fools who are NOT Celtic fans... they may also be the same person... don't waste your time on those clowns" Yup. Don't leave Pud out he deserves an ignore also.  The rest of us are inspired by a great team win (which included a gutty Rondo performance from an admittedly flawed but important player), and Pud is here picking zits. Just get one thing clear: these guys are not Celts fans. If they were, they would enjoy the victories. Instead they seem angry when the Celts win. Note that one of the guards the two of them hero-worship, Russel Westbrook, is having all kinds of problems in the OKC series and is doing a bad job (so far) of getting Durant the ball. 
    Posted by BostonTrollSpanker

    Agreed.... put the both of us on IGNORE... just like BTS does.... or at least she says she does.... but she always seems to know when I "pick zits."

    How is that, BTS????

    Are you peeking again, gurl? Does the devil make you do it?

    You are too, too funny.

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    Re: Somewhere Dudder is weeping

    CoolCoolCool...If im a point guard, and people keep turning their back to me..i will throw the ball at them to make a point.. That should never happen in a game..especially in the professional level..You never turn your back to the ball   on defense or offense...Rondo is a lot like koby, in that he does'nt know how to hide his emotions..yet..he will let you know when something is bothering him..sometimes it works and some times it looks bad to the naked eye..those of us that only watch from a different angle and make decisions on the surface.. very easy to misinterpret what is really going on..I know i've done it myself many times..
    It that is grandstanding, ill take that any time over Gasoft needing a coach to poke me in the heart to get me going in the biggest stage...You either have it or you don't, and Rondo may have some limitations about his game, but he has question!
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    Re: Somewhere Dudder is weeping

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    Dudder is lurking in the background trying to think of a way to criticize this win and argue that the Celtics will lose the next one.    I wonder what would happen if EVERYONE on the Board put him on ignore.  Wouldn't that be cool?
    Posted by Celtsfan4life

    I did

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    Re: Somewhere Dudder is weeping

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    In Response to Re: Somewhere Dudder is weeping : Watch the last possession of the 2nd quarter of last night's game and tell me that Rondo is a warrior. Left totally alone at the top of the key with the quarter winding down... totally alone... and Rondo doesn't shoot... doesn't drive to the hoop or make a play... doesn't make any play... but throws the ball away to someone who had his back turned, expecting Rondo to shoot. A totally gutless play by Rondo. And then Rondo gets hurt... and suddenly turns into a grandstanding hero????? Somewhere Dudder is laughing.... and I am too. Pud
    Posted by puddinpuddin

    sooo would you say that ONE play summed up Rondo's night as a whole? i dare you. your sad and pathetic. not a celtics fan. how come ive NEVER seen a celebratory post from you or dudder? ever after a celtics win? you actually seem to celebrate MORE wen we lose..