Sources: NBA, union meeting Sunday

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    Sources: NBA, union meeting Sunday

    Get it done NOW...

    Sources: NBA, union meeting Sunday

    The NBA's top labor negotiators and their counterparts in the players' union will meet Sunday night in an 11th-hour attempt to avert the cancellation of any regular-season games, sources with knowledge of the situation confirmed to ESPN The Magazine's Chris Broussard.

    The unexpected session will include commissioner David Stern, deputy commissioner Adam Silver, union president Derek Fisher and union executive director Billy Hunter, the sources said.


    The New York Times first reported the news, citing a person briefed on the meeting.

    The NBA has said it will cancel the first two weeks of the season if there is no labor agreement reached by Monday. The entire preseason already has been wiped out.

    On Friday, a late attempt to get the two sides together broke down when the NBA demanded a 50-50 revenue split with players before the meeting.

    The players did not agree to the 50-50 split before Sunday's talks, however. The owners simply relaxed their demand, the sources told Broussard.

    Players were guaranteed 57 percent of basketball-related income under the previous collective bargaining agreement and have proposed lowering it to 53 percent in a new deal, but that remaining 3 percent represents an unbridged gap of about $120 million.

    The union still plans to hold a Monday meeting in Los Angeles, and leaders plan on flying out there Monday morning.

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    Re: Sources: NBA, union meeting Sunday

    Cancel this season and next.

    Better yet, the star players sign lucrative multi year deals with foreign clubs weakening the NBA brand and a new league imerges...similar to the old ABA.

    Maybe then we can get away from the Stern fixed & muted NBA... This league has deteriorated in interest for me personally.. I still watch/listen to the Celtic games and some other ones too but I wont spend a dime on the NBA anymore.

    It wouldnt bother me if the season got cancelled. The NBA is a monopoly and its killing the game. It needs competition from other leagues.. Maybe the int'l leagues can sift away some of its stars but what we really need is another ABA...  a league which can sign top talent from college and steal NBA stars too.

    Although I believe the players will cave in this lockout.... Im hoping for a miracle the Stern led NBA can be taken down in hopes of a better product energing.

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    Re: Sources: NBA, union meeting Sunday

    I wholeheartedly agree with you Karl.......I think that from day one of the "Ewing Sweepstakes" this league has been going downhill....I can't stand Stern....and I don't know which is worse....MLB and every umpire having his own strike zone or the NBA ref's and the "Jordan Rules"......this is all about entertainment instead of good old fashioned sport....I really don't care if they play the games this year...and I agree....the ABA was needed back in the day and produced some great players and teams.....could history repeat itself...?  ....probably not, unfortunately...
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    Re: Sources: NBA, union meeting Sunday

    They can't agree on 50 - 50 split
    THEN, they have to deal with:
    Max contracts
    Rookie contracts
    Amnesty clauses
    Free Agency - (some form of compensation, so MeBron never happens again)
    Trade exceptions..........
    NO season - I've been saying it since July!!