Every great team has guys who do one thing at a borderline elite level HEAT: when Mike Miller or James Jones is at the scorers table you know someone you must account for is checking in and ready to shoot I consider the specialists as guys in your top ten rotation but not necessarily a starter (Battier hits threes and takes charges so he also qualifies) 2008-2011 CELTICS: Eddie House. One of the leagues beat shooter, could strike fear into defenses when he checked in. Glen Davis. Tops in the league at stepping in and taking charges. You don't think some coaches advised their guys to maybe stop short and shoot a jumper? And that's not in a lot of guys games. So Baby was a specialist. Stiemsma may qualify for his shot blocking and JO would step in and take charges (then miss 15 games). James Posey was our Battier in 2008 also (specialist on defense and intangibles) In today's NBA you need talent nobody disputes that. Didn't matter if Miami's specialists missed their threes cause some nights their talent was enough but more often then not specialists as part of your rotation are needed 2012 THUNDER: Serge Ibaka is a specialist as he is the cream of the crop blocking shots. Perkins can be a specialist at low post defense but he couldn't utilize that skill without a low post person on Miami to guard 2012 BOSTON CELTICS: we had our "big 4" (3 1/2 with Ray gimpy) but who were our specialists??? Bass nice player good face up game, good enough to start but what is his special skill? Bradley is a specialist as he became an overnight (seemed it anyways) sensation with on ball defense. The scoring was extra with him IMO. Pietrus is a solid defender and WAS a knockdown three point shooter. But do teams really have to account for him on either end? I say no. Yeah Pietrus was dinged up and yeah potential specialist Stiemsma couldnt even practice but the Celtics need some ... Say it with me..... SPECIALISTS SPECIALIST LIST Athletic weak side shot blockers Monster rebounders Knock down shooters Low post scorers (lost art) Charge Takers On Ball Defenders Bench scorers (guys who can shoot you into a game; and yeah they can shoot you out) These specialists don't include the core group of guys that win a title for you. They aren't on posters (Ibaka maybe) but I consider them as lets say players 4-12 on the depth chart My point is..... We need specialists Korver has a team option from the Bulls if they decline we should go for him. Why? SPECIALIST. Reggie Evans. MONSTER REBOUNDER! It's all he does LOL. Bradley. SPECIALIST. Improving and returning. We drafted two potential SPECIALISTS 3 days ago. Sullinger is a throw back post scorer and Melo at best... Should block shots Get a few specialists and I think things look better. Let's have a deeeep roster full of them. And it goes without saying you need complete players also but luckily we have a few :)