Speed Kills!!!!!

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    Speed Kills!!!!!

    No not Darko kills.  This team as constructed has the ability to  put some points on the board.  We have depth that can rotate to multiple positions and not miss a beat.   I don't remember ever seeing a Celtic team with this type of speed.   If Doc can stay on them and play Celtic defense,  well lookout NBA.  

    You could see clearly how much difference the speed of Lee makes compared to watching Ray jog around.   Lee was like the roadrunner.  Beep Beep.  Not sure what Doc is going to do with all the talent we have with the SG.  Good problem to have though.  I have seen Celtic teams in the past talk about playing uptempo early in the year numerous times and then we fall back to the slow game.  I hope that doesn't happen this time.

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    Re: Speed Kills!!!!!

    Ray was an extremely one dimensional player his last year or two.

    To get rid of Allen and to gain Terry, Lee and Barbosa is an enormous upgrade.

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    Re: Speed Kills!!!!!

    This is certainly a dimension (speed) that this team did not have last year and they still made it to the Conference finals.  The key though is the depth.  If you have speed but no depth, you can't be effective.  You would run the players into the ground half way through the season.  You are also covering yourself against injuries.  You have 4 guys a shooting guard that can play a little PG and two that can sub in small packages at SF.

    This team is made for a 7 game series to run the other team off the court by the 3rd game.

    Side note, Joseph looked pretty good last night in his time on the court.  Downs may make this roster.