That is what DA is doing.   Trying to get DJordan.   The Cs shoulda drafted him in the first place.   Many of you thought Cs shoulda drafted him few yrs ago.   I thought they shoulda drafted MChalmers.   Regardless, all of us new better than DA who drafted Giddens who probably isn't even in the D-League.   One draft choice stuck for 5yrs out of eleven players until AB.   Now, DA is spinning his wheels trying to obtained someone who possibly shoulda already been on the team and he should be trying to aquire another piece to a puzzle to rebuild.   Just like they keep spinning their wheels still trying to get a shooting guard when they coulda had Chalmers.   And, still the Cs drafted Melo last yr.   Why are they trying to aquire another center who can't shoot, pass or rebound in winning numbers (I'm not even sure if Melo can even get on the court).
   I hate to give DA draft suggestions but, he's gonna blow it again.   So, I guess I'll be on record of who the Cs should draft. ... And that is J Whithy of KU.   Yes, a center.   He is suppose to be available in the teens.   He al least can play defense and can shoot fts.   Melo may not  be able to get on the court and Jordan's ft woes keep him off the court in the last 5min of a game (if not sooner).    Cs got it right trying to trade CLee (horrible pick-up) for a draft choice.   I'll tell you later of more of the draft.
   Cs coulda had another piece of the puzzle if the didn't draft Melo.   Think of this senario:  Sully never plays much cause of his back.   Melo never plays and gets cut/goes back to Brazil.   The Cs woulda have 3picks and none stick when the big 2 really needing help and trying to rebuild.   They will then be 1 or 14 in draft picks sticking!!!   That is the DA that is leading this great organization.