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Spoelstra's gone

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    Spoelstra's gone

    He has about 3 weeks - to give Riley a month with the team before the playoffs.
    Knew he was done when he told the press he & Riley sat in a room trying to figure out what to do to turn the Heat around & said nothing - just sat there & said nothing thinking about it (I'm paraphrasing). Say what??? Pat Riley in a state of silent confusion about how to coach a team???? - never in his lifetime or ours. The man always has an opinion & is never at a loss for words (ask Magic, Kareem, et al) or direction when it comes to coaching. THe minute Spoelstra let something that dumb out of his mouth in a public forum - he was finished. If they really did sit in silence thinking about it, its because Riley wanted to find out whether he had the right guy or not. Now he knows. Spoelsra's now on the clock - between now & one month before playoff time he's gone.

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    Re: Spoelstra's gone

    Does Pat really want to coach?  Thought if he did when they were 9-8 that would have been when he would have stepped into the frame.  Stepping in right now, not sure.

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    Re: Spoelstra's gone

    No 40 win team with 19 to go would change their coach. No way they change before the playoffs either.
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    Re: Spoelstra's gone

    riley will not even think of coaching the big 3 at least until the next season. until the big three gets humbled, no smart coach will try to manage them.
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    Re: Spoelstra's gone

    I think Lckee7 is right - Spoelstra will be fired before the playoffs.

    Pat Reilly is not a young man anymore and Miami is a lot more fun in the winter (or any other time) than Cleveland, Detroit, OKC, and Chicago.

    I see him coming in on his White Horse to save the day.

    There's no way the Miami ownership is going to concede this year and hope things "gel" in the future.

    Much like the 07-08 Celtics, THIS first year together might be their best shot/AKA "Make or Break" chance to win a Championship.

    Imagine if the Celtics had fallen short the first year the Big Three were together ?

    Then KG gets hurt the second year ?

    The team probably would have been blown apart last season and they never would've made it back to the finals....

    And then Doc would've retired, no Ray Allen re-signing , no Shaq, ect, ect ,ect

    I see either Pat Reilly or Jeff Van Gundy coming in any day now with a bunch off "rah rah group hug we love you guys" approach to save the Miami Coup from EPIC FAILURE !!!

    If they don't win it all this year, I see either Bosh or even LEBRON getting traded (as it's obvious D Wade is the real backbone....) Heard on the Colin Cowherd radio show today that BOOZER instead of Bosh would have been the better move and I absolutely agree.....and who in their right mind would take the Bosh contract ?

    But wouldn't YOU think seriously about shipping LeBron to the Clippers for Blake Griffin and some spare parts ? 6 months ago that might have sounded crazy, but wouldn't Blake Griffin fit better with D. Wade than LeBron ?

    Pat Reilly or Jeff Van Gundy will definitely take over for young Eric before the playoff 10 days , write it down !

    PS: I see Spoelstra having a long coaching career in the NBA, just not with the Miami Headcase Heat.....when the dust settles , he is going to come out of this mess looking good. He is not the reason the Heat are sinking....