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Green isn't being used correctly that is for sure. He needs some mins w/ the big 4 (KG at the 5) in a unit that features speed and our 5 best scorers. That team should push push push and Green should be throwing himself at the basket or hitting those 15 footers in stride like the one he got last night. Say 8 mins of this. We know the big 4 close games w/ BBD, that is not changing at this point. He needs some mins with a 'big' unit, where he plays the 3. DWest, PP, KG and JON on the court with him. This group should simply punish smaller players or force the opponant to go big themselves, where we likely face less talented guys. This is the time for Green to do his money lil jump hook or take someone to town on the box. Say 6 mins of this. Then finally he needs to be back on the court as a SF w/ the 'deep' bench. The unit that plays with one starter (Ray or PP at the 2) and DWest, Baby and Kristic. Say 8 mins of this. This is where he should be the NUMBER 1 option of offense. Ray/PP wait for kickouts, curl off of Baby picks, etc. If Ray is on the court have Green play at the elbow more, If Pierce is out there Green can fire up a three or two. Say 8 mins of this group. All in all he plays about 22 mins, 16 of them feature defense on a SF like Melo, LBJ, Deng where he uses his equal size to bother them while the smaller PP rests. Get us 9-11 points, 3-4 rebounds, a steal, a block and an assist per game Jeff wih max effort on D and we can be scary good.
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rame, well said. I could not have said it as well. Sure wish Doc, and others, would read and consider some of these type comments as productive instead of simply fans on a blog with emotional and meaningless input. How many teams fail to reach their potential simply because the coach refuses to accept "change".